Learning Objectives for the Intermediate Cuatrista

Level 7: An introduction to intermediate techniques and tricks to get better with the cuatro.

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Reaching the stage where you can consider yourself as an intermediate Cuatrista is a great milestone and you should be proud to have come this far. We all the objective of becoming the best Cuatrista we can be…well this is a great step in that direction. In the beginner’s section, we have gone over the basic chords in their first positions, provided you with techniques such as the frenados and numerous genres with which you can practice. Hopefully, you have been able to come across your favorite songs and be able to at least play them at a beginner’s level. You should know the chords and their relative minors as well as be able to mark them with ease. Your rhythm begins to improve and with this, you have the toolbox to move forward.

The first stages are always the most complicated as we get into a learning curve which is quite steep. Well, have no fear….now you will be able to see progress at an alarming rate and have even more fun with your Cuatro.

Intermediate Cuatrista

In the intermediate sections, we will introduce more complicated rhythms, how to mark the chords in different positions on the Cuatro, the different figures being used to mark the chords and some more advanced strumming techniques. By the end of this section, you should be able to play all chords in three different positions, be able to find the chords using the figures (all on your own), and have a greater ability to change quickly between the different frets on the Cuatro. You will also be able to improvise a bit using scale/chord combinations.

Have fun with it…keep recording your progress and keep practicing!!

How far will you come?