Caribbean Genres

Course: Learning Objectives for the Intermediate Cuatrista

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When thinking of the music of the Caribbean, what comes to mind?

For a lot of us this may Salsa or Merengue….but trust us, there are many more. With this lesson we will start you off with a nice Cuban Son which is a phenomenal genre known and loved by so many in the world. Then we will bring it up a notch with some Calypso….a great high paced genre found throughout the area.

These can be complicated rhythms, we will have a full course dedicated to Salsa u0026amp; Son as you progress, for the moment this will serve as an introduction to these intermediate level rhythms and prepare you for the next steps you are about to take.

Be mindful of the speed of the Calypso!

We hope you enjoy playing these different rhythms and musical genres, at this level you’re more than invited to keep enhancing your knowledge about the Cuatro, but also to expand to other musical instruments, like the Cavaquinho from Brazil, or the Ukulele.

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