Cuban Son – Finger Picking

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One of the genres which has really taken off due to it’s attractiveness and tropical spirit is the Cuban Son. We will break down this genre in several parts, the first one which we will take a look at is the finger picking of how you can execute this amazing melody with Latin swing:

Cuban Son – Finger Picking in B Minor

For the picking pattern being used, the chords are as follows:

Chords for Cuban Son Introduction


Follow the tabs below along with the chords played in the video and you will be playing this intro in no time!

B   —————————
F# —-0—1-0—-4-0——
D   —0—2—–2——2—-
A   –2————-1——1–

The best method to execute this is to mark the chords and then follow the tab pattern. For playing the fourth fret of the F# string within the intro, it can be kind of a stretch but enough practice you will definitely get there. It is important to ensure that you are marking the chords when playing this so that you can move right into the strumming pattern which will be reviewed in the next lesson.

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