How to play B Minor on Cuatro: 2nd & 3rd Positions

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B Minor Positions on Cuatro Explained

B Minor…..along with the D Minor a very simple chord in its first position. Let us also take a look at how the B Minor can be played in other positions to complement your knowledge:

B Minor 1st Position


B Minor 2nd Position

When considering the third position of B Minor, we touch upon some familiar figures once more. The figure of E Minor can be made use of to play the B Minor chord as they following the same pattern with respect to the positioning of the fingers. Take a look at the comparison below:

E Minor 1st Position


B Minor 3rd Position

One thing that we begin to see, is there is a sequence to the pattern of the figures. They repeat themselves in the form of a cycle. This will become more apparent as we explain this in the lessons relating to figures.


As with our exercise with the D Major in different positions, try to execute the same but this time using the B Minor. Play this in all of its positions going from the 1st to 3rd and back. Record your video and upload this to your progress folder.

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