What are Major 7th Chords

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Now that we have reviewed the Major and Minor chord compositions, we will look closely at the Major 7th chords. The Major 7th Chords are played by including the root, third major, perfect fifth, and seventh major. It may sound slightly more complicated, but essentially, we add the 7th major to the chord. Take a look at the illustration below, which depicts this:

Major 7th Composition

Major7 Chord Composition

Major 7th Chords

Whenever playing the progression I – IV – V, we often play the V as a Major7. Take a look at what the D Major7 Chord looks like in comparison to the D Major chord.



D Major

After having reviewed the information provided in this lesson as well as for the Major and Minor chord lessons, you will now be able to get into the details of all chords and their progressions. The theory provided is rather bare as there are many other combinations of chords that you will come across, with the Major, Minor, and Major7th chords you will be able to play the songs and progressions provided in the basic section.

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