Cuban Son with a Cuatro – 2nd Position

Course: Learning Objectives for the Intermediate Cuatrista

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We have previously taken a look at the Cuban Son in its first position. Now we will take a closer look at the Cuban Son in the key of B Minor but in its second position. The ability of the intermediate Cuatrista is to make use of the different positions of chords along the length of the fretboard. This requires not only the knowledge of the different positions of the chords but also being able to switch between the first positions and the second positions. As we move forward and become more familiar with the figures of the chords, then it will be possible to explore even the third positions of the chords and have a wider range of possibilities when playing songs or practicing basic rhythms.

Within the demonstration video, the chords being played are the family of B Minor being F#7 and E Minor. In this case, we will make use of the E Minor 6 bringing a great complementary effect to the Cuban Son and in some cases, we will add the G note to the F#7 chord to make a dissonance. (English Subtitles ON)

Cuban Son in B Minor – 2nd Position

The following are the chords made use of in the demonstration. These are the family of chords relating to B Minor in it’s second position. Essentially the second position is playing the same chord but in another octave. This can also be referred to as an alternative.

B Minor

E Minor 6


The key is to dominate as many different positions along the fretboard as possible. As you begin to explore this, you will start to find some variations to the chords as well. Practice playing the Cuban Son following the explanation in the video above and switch positions from the B Minor chords in the first positions to the second positions…..and then back. This is a great practice and something that will definitely pay off as you start to combine this family of chords with others and mixing them in more complex pieces.

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