Technique & B Minor

Course: Learning Objectives for the Intermediate Cuatrista

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We have made references that the Cuatro is also a percussive instrument. In fact, all string instruments can be used as a percussive instrument, you just need to know how! Well, the Cuatro happens to be one of those enchanting instruments where the percussive qualities are exploited by all cuatristas. Here we will give you with a bit of an intro on how to make use of the instrument to do so.

Actually, this all started off with the frenados…..a form of percussion in itself and now we can begin to exploit the other qualities of the instrument. We will also take a closer look at the B minor and it’s figures, a very important chord to play a number of progressions with and it is great when you have been able to play these all along the neck of the Cuatro.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to silence chords
  • Learn the different positions of B Minor
  • Play a progression using B Minor positions along the Cuatro
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