First Rhythm with a Cuatro

Course: Cuatro Rhythm and Strumming Lessons



Now that you have some tools, let’s get into some strumming. The 3 basic strums may be simple, and you have been doing at least two of them since you have had your instrument, but just as with everything, it is important to do it properly. Make sure you practice strumming before moving forward to the rhythm.

Play the Rhythm with Chords you know

We have reviewed several progressions with the D Major u0026amp; B Minor tonic, subdominant and dominant chords. Make sure you know these and follow the given progression prior to moving into these learning topics, as it will be fundamental for you to play the Vals Tonada. Take a look at the strumming, and the rhythm, and then apply the chords you know.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Master the three basic strums
  • Familiarize yourself with Vals Tonada
  • Play the rhythm of Vals Tonada with the chord progressions you have learned
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