Your First Minor Chords with a Cuatro

Course: Cuatro Rhythm and Strumming Lessons



Minor Chords

An introduction to your first Minor chords. We have seen the Major Chords, in particular D Major, and now we are taking a look at its relative Minor being B Minor. This is the start, as we will go over all of the chords one by one, and then it starts to get very interesting as we start to play them in different positions and with other combinations. It is a gratifying process to become familiar with the chords, especially when you can combine them and apply them to a rhythm, which is where we are moving towards.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify what a minor chord is
  • Play the B Minor chord in its first position
  • Play the Tonic, Subdominant, and Dominant chords relative to B Minor

Especially the final learning outcome is important. Here you should be able to play this progression of chords as we will apply them to the rhythm of Vals Tonada.

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