Song: Aerosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

Course: Cuatro Rhythm and Strumming Lessons



We’re going to see in this lesson how to play the song I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith. This song is using the following chords:

D – A7 – Bm – G – A7
D – A7 – Bm – G – D – Em

Here we provide a nice introduction to the application of some of the Minor chords, specifically B Minor and E minor. Both of these chords are frequently heard whilst playing a song in the D Major key and in this case we are combining the D Major along with it’s relative minor being B Minor. Notice that both of these chords are incredibly simple as they only require one finger and we have also started to introduce some significantly more complicated chords requiring some practice. These are specifically A7 (making use of a triangle shape) and the E Minor where your fingers will need to be squeezed together. Take a look at the song and have a nice play along, again, this is an accompaniment version of the song.

I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

Dont Wanna Miss A Thing

Part of the chords used in this song are:

Get to play all the song with our chord list, you can open it here: Cifrado – Aerosmith.

Now listen to the original song and try playing along with your Cuatro. Try to get a feel for the rhythm of the song and keep up with the singer. It is important when playing along to maintain the same pace as the other musicians and singer as this will harmonize the song itself. Sometimes it even helps to sing or hum the song along as you play. Enjoy!!

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