B Minor: 1st Position

Among the easiest chords to play with the Cuatro as you only need to mark 1 fret with 1 finger! Great stuff! The execution is nice and easy since only 1 finger is needed then you can easily decide with which finger you wish to mark the chord. The most common way is with the middle finger since that liberates the other fingers and permits them to mark other notes and help with some alterations of the chord. You can also, of course, choose to play this with the index finger depending on the next chord or note you are intending on playing.

B Minor Chord

Transcript: The B Minor chord is composed of the notes: D, F#, and B

As the last note is a B, then it is not necessary to mark this at any place. This is applicable to both B Minor and B Major. Take a look at the video below and see how this chord sounds like.

B Minor Chord Demonstration

If we were to make a quick comparison with the execution of B Minor and B Major, we can see that the difference between the two is one simple finger…or one positioning of our index finger on the 1st fret of the D string. It is for this reason that we recommend to play the B Minor chord with the middle finger so that it liberates other fingers to apply to other notes as has been previously mentioned. The B Major chord is depicted and demonstrated as follows:

B Major Demonstration

Listen to a B Major played with a Cuatro. You´ll notice that there is one little difference:

B minor and B Major 1st Position

You see…..the changes between chords can be easily executed….after all, we only have four strings to think about. It can be considered as that easy….but it does get tougher so time to practice!

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