B Minor: Tonic, Subdominant, and Dominant

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The B minor is one of the most popular chords for the Cuatro. It is easy to do and there are many songs played using this chord. So let’s see how to do it all together with its near family.

B minor

This chord includes the notes B, D, F#.  So because the tuning of the Cuatro (A, D, F#, B) it is just a matter of suppressing the sound of the A string to get the B minor chord.  We do this by pressing the second fret of the A string and transforming its sound on a B.

This is why you only need one finger to play the B minor.

B minor family includes E minor and F# seventh chords.   These are going to be present in almost every song in B minor.  So be sure to learn how to do these three and you will master the basics of B minor and be prepared to play your firsts songs under this tone.

In some music genres, the dominant (F# seventh) is played as a natural chord (F#), this is particularly true in the blues or also in Pop music.

Tonic: B minor


Subdominant: E minor


Dominant: F# 7

Progression of I – V – IV of B Minor

The F# seventh chords are especially difficult to do on the Cuatro, don’t worry if you don’t get it at first as we would say it is one of the most difficult basic chords to play. The best way to familiarize yourself with this progression, just as with any other progression, is to simply continue to practice them until they become second nature to you. After you have fully familiarized yourself with them, then you can start to experiment with the same chords in their alternative positions and begin to add relative chords. Throw a rhythm in the mix, and you have yourself a great jamming session!

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