A “Long Turn” and Some Popular Songs

Course: Cuatro Rhythm and Strumming Lessons



Vuelta Larga

To continue with a combination of old and new, we have also included a very important progression which can be applied to all keys known as the Vuelta Larga or directly translated the Long Turn. This is a chord progression which will help you explore the different chords and give a great sensation of playing. It is very important to apply the theory of this progression as it can be used for all keys. Do make sure that you understand the theory and try to play this along with the rhythm you have learned thus far of Vals Tonada. You of course are not confined to this, you can make use of it anywhere you see fit.

The great part about the Vuelta Larga is that it is a great progression which gives an incredible impression of dominance of the instrument. So once you get to know this and dominant the progression, impress your friends by jamming and giving it all you’ve got.

A Traditional Song

We’ll have the opportunity of learning a traditional Venezuelan song called “Sombra en los medanos” and very popular in Venezuela’s west side. This song uses all the elements of a “Vuelta Larga” in D Mayor so it will be an ideal example of how to use these chords with our very first rhythm, the Vals Tonada.

Combining Old u0026amp; New

To conclude this course, we will take a look at two elements which will give you plenty to consider and practice. One of these is a popular song by Aerosmith called “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”. This is a song known mostly through the blockbuster Armageddon. It is a great song where we introduce some minor chords and how to apply them along with the Major chords we have already seen.

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