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Learning how to play a musical instrument can be as complicated or as simple as we like. It all depends how far it is that you would like to come. Some persons wish to learn some accompaniment songs, some chords and the ability to jam along. Others reach for the stars and try to become the next Cheo Hurtado (don’t worry…we’ll get to who this person is in a moment). Either option is possible with enough dedication, perseverance and joy. We here at TuCuatro wish to be a part of that and are here to give you the necessary materials to help you achieve your musical goals. Each instrument opens up a wide world which needs to be understood as playing methods differ just like learning methods.

Exploring the musical instrument involves exploring:

  • Who plays it
  • How it is played
  • Available learning methods

These are some of the questions we will be answering during this lesson as you are now a member of the Cuatro community….congratulations!

With the technology available now, we are able to offer you a wide range of methods how you can best learn and retain information. Not only this, we realize the importance of being able to play songs and will introduce you to this world to compliment the skills necessary to play.

Get a feel for the Instrument!

Know your Instrument!

Know what you can do with your Instrument!

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