How long does it take to learn to play?

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For every instrument there is a learning curve and it does take time to familiarize yourself with the style of play. A common question is how long does it take to learn how to play the Cuatro, the answer is: It is entirely up to you! The most dedicated students who practice every day have the best results. It is important to be dedicated, persistent and to keep studying the materials provided. Also, listen to the music, listen to the composers, cuatristas and accompaniment music. Try to get a good feed for your own preferred style of music and try to make it happen on your Cuatro.

We here at TuCuatro will guide you as much as possible and provide you with all the tools, but it is your fingers which will do all of the work. Don’t worry…..we are in this together along with the rest of the community and will make it happen.

Typically, for a beginner to get at a decent level it will take 6 months followed by exponential growth every 6 months after. You will see when you start to play, try to keep practicing and the most important thing is to enjoy the music!!

If you have a request, simply let us know and we will attend to you in any way we can.

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