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Accompaniment instruments and music are fantastic for either strumming away in your free time or playing in a band. This can be seen as a more basic or intermediate way of playing the Cuatro. Here you combine chords and strums to form nice interpretations of songs and genres. Again, there are different levels of accompaniment music, you will be able to explore these as you go along.

Adrián Toro Accompanying

For plucking strings, you will find tabs with which you can play melodies and get a feel for the instrument. Now, the Soloist versions, here is where we get into the more advanced stages of the Cuatro and for most who get to know the instrument this is the major goal.

We always say, the instrument is easy to learn how to play and complex to master. This is definitely the case when playing Soloist songs. Essentially, playing like a Soloist is harmonizing the song through playing the melody where there are (in most cases) 1 strum per chord. This requires precision, agility and a high sense of rhythm. Not to be worried, TuCuatro will provide you with all of the tools to get to this level. We use a modular methodology where you will familiarize yourself with specific components of a song. Once they have been mastered individually, they can be combined to form the complete song.

Master Cheo Hurtado Soloist Demonstration

The bar is where you set it, the instrument can cater to your needs and so can TuCuatro. The feeling after your first accompaniment song, and then soloist song are incredible. From there you free yourself to improvise and further explore the instrument. Have fun with it!

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