What kind of music is traditionally played with the Cuatro?

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Traditionally, the Cuatro is used as an accompaniment instrument to the harp u0026amp; maracas. The combination of this ensemble creates music genres such as Joropo which is typical folklore music from the lowlands of Colombia u0026amp; Venezuela. To the Joropo genre there are several sub-categories such as San Rafael and Gaban, all of which will be looked into with more detail in lessons to come.

Joropo Demonstration

Other popular genres from the region are Gaita (played mostly during the December festivities) and Waltz. The Waltz music has a typical rhythm to it which is a nice soothing form of music and great to play with the instrument.

Looking further in the Caribbean and ideal genres for the Cuatro are the Calypso music, Reggae and Parrang from Trinidad. The Cuatro is an instrument with which you can play at high speed, and this is perfect for Calypso!

Trinidadian Parang

Essentially you can play any genre, in fact with the capabilities of the Cuatro you will be able to enhance the music you play!

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