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Course: Cuatro Overview – Instrument of Excellence

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Live Interactive Sessions

From time to time we will be organizing live lessons. This has been a great success in the past where many students opt for participation and we have a growing audience in YouTube who also enjoy watching the lessons and contributing in the form of comments and encouragement.

The live sessions will always relate to a specific topic being a song or genre with one of our renowned cuatristas and whereby you will be able to leave the session with the ability to play the song or rhythm. We plan the sessions well in advanced and they take place through Google Hangouts. We also ensure that the material being covered in class is made available to all students and the recording of the class can be used for future reference.

This is an additional service of TuCuatro and we are the only online music school who has successfully organized and executed this method of teaching. We are also the only institution which has organized and held the 1st Hangout of the Venezuelan Cuatro. Take a look at the 1st Cuatro Hangout ever as well as a lesson (sorry guys these videos are only in Spanish but soon we will have an International Cuatro Hangout in English!)

1st Online Cuatro Hangout

Live Lesson With Professor Adrian Toro

All for the Cuatro and more importantly for you!

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