Where to begin with learning how to play?

Course: Cuatro Overview – Instrument of Excellence

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If you are completely new to the Cuatro and to string instruments, the recommendation is always to start from the very beginning. The first lessons provided are the very basics of how to play, what to look out for, and getting a hang of the most basic techniques you need to know. Our lessons are categorized in several ways, one of which is the difficulty level. Try not to get ahead of yourself and following the curriculum as much as possible.

Follow the Lessons Chronologically and Start to See Results!

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It is highly important to take time with the lessons. The more time you dedicate to the techniques and to practice, the better you will advance. The first lessons will be relating to how to tune the Cuatro, some housekeeping to bear in mind, beginners strumming techniques, an easy rhythm, and ultimately your first song!!

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