B Major Positioning

Course: Cuatro Masters: Cheo Hurtado



The identification of the different notes can be done in different forms. One is referred to as the Cifrado which is more universal. This is the format: A, B, C, D, E, F u0026amp; G. The other method is La, Si, Do, Re, Mi, Fa u0026amp; Sol. This is the method which is mostly used in Latin America and in Spanish in general. It is useful to know both methods of referring to the notes as you may wish to play songs using both notations.

Aside from this comparison, Cheo Hurtado takes us through the positions in an ascending fashion along the fretboard of the Cuatro. When moving in an ascending fashion, we are moving away from the head of the Cuatro towards the body itself.

Explanation of B Major Positions

Starting off from the B Major position, Cheo Hurtado will take you through all positions of B Major along the fretboard. Take a look at the video below where this is demonstrated.

B Major Along the Fretboard of the Cuatro

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