How To Hold The Cuatro

Course: Cuatro Masters: Cheo Hurtado

Picture of TuCuatro


Many courses are focused on how to play the Cuatro or on the musical instrument it is referring to. Sometimes we tend to forget that the manner in which you hold the instrument is just as important as how you play. Cheo Hurtado indicates that if you were to hold the Cuatro much too close or hold it in the wrong way, then the resulting sound will not be as good as if you do so correctly.

The Importance of Holding the Cuatro

The Cuatro is in need of space, and you are in need to give it the space in order for it to project it’s sound. There is a great difference between the sound by a Cuatro which is being held to tight or too closely to the body as a Cuatro which is being held loosely whereby you are allowing for it to project it’s sound.

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