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Periquera 1st Position Revision

Take a close look at this revision lesson topic as we will take you through the progression of the Periquera. The progression is indicated in

Advanced Periquera Chords

So here we go….this will be a bit of an extensive project. Whenever trying to play any piece, we have to not only memorize the

Gavilan Progression & Chords

The progression of the Gavilan rhythm is very simple and easy to follow. Within the video demonstration, you will see both the usage of the


Galerón is one of the other Genres that originally formed the Parang. We will learn how to play it with our Cuatro.


Estribillo is a very popular genre that was originally use to create the Parang. Let’s learn it!

Joropo Central Demonstration

Rhythm of Joropo Central The Joropo Central is a very rich rhythm from the Llanos.  It is normally played with Harp, Maracas and the Cuatro. Joropo Central is normally

Pulpo Strum

An extremely complicated strum to perfect, the pulpo strum can be applied perfectly to give an amazing effect to any joropo, vals or a rhythm

Jorge Glem Strum

The following video demonstrates one of the most recognized techniques used by renowned cuatrista Jorge Glem. The technique is mostly used during his Joropo pieces

Quitapesares – Progression

The Quitapesares is another part of the Joropo family and follows the rhythm of Joropo Corrio and is played at a high pace at around