Gavilan Progression & Chords

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The progression of the Gavilan rhythm is very simple and easy to follow. Within the video demonstration, you will see both the usage of the tonic key (in this case we are using D Major) as well as it’s relative minor being B Minor). When considering the rhythm used in this genre, we will make use of the rhythm of the Joropo Llanero. This rhythm can be reviewed below:

Joropo Llanero Demonstration

Now take a look at the illustration below depicting the Joropo Llanero:

Joropo Llanero Illustration


Take a close look as to how this progression is executed in the video demonstration with integrated chords so that you can follow along with your own Cuatro.

Gavilan Progression u0026amp; Chords Demonstration

Keep in mind the progression as well as the rhythm when trying to play the famous “El Gavilan” song by Ignacion Figueredo. A great song played and loved by many…..and now played by you!


Play the Gavilan using the progression indicated in the video. Be certain to do this with the indicated rhythm of Joropo Llanero to give it a complete effect. Upload your video to your progress folder.

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