Quitapesares – Progression

Course: Mosaic of Rhythms

Picture of TuCuatro


The Quitapesares is another part of the Joropo family and follows the rhythm of Joropo Corrio and is played at a high pace at around 120 Bpm (beats per minute). A specific progression follows this folkloric genre and you will be able to play this rhythm which will be demonstrated in B Minor. Take a look at the rhythm illustrated below and practice strumming it whilst muting the strings on your Cuatro:

Joropo Corrio Illustration


Ok, now we can go ahead and get right into it. The progression is to be found in the illustration below the video and the chords indicated are found within the video itself. It is played in a B Minor key.

Quitapesares Demonstration in B Minor

Quitapesares Progression Illustration


Notice that there has been a different color provided to the V7 u0026amp; I chords of the second line of the progression. This indicates that these are sharing one measure. In order words, three strums of the measure are to be played in the V7 and the remaining three strums are to be played in the I.

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