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Galerón is a traditional rhythm acquired from Spain and spread in many Caribbean countries.

This rhythm is very similar to a Joropo Criollo, played in 3/4 with 2 strums and 1 frenado although there’s a small difference regarding the way the hand moves.

The Galerón uses rhythm in 3/4 and we will do exactly the same as with the regular joropo, but this time the hand moves in different directions.

Analyze this Diagram for a moment:


You can notice that now we will need to play two consecutive strums down. This breaks the oscillatory movement that we usually do when playing Joropo:

  1. Strum down
  2. Strum down
  3. Frenado up
  4. Strum down
  5. Strum down
  6. Frenado up

Let’s see an example.  In this Youtube video, you will see a couple of musicians playing Galeron with one cuatro and one guitar.

Galeron Demonstration

Chords being used

D, G, A7

The Galerón progression is very simple and goes like this:

D G A7 %

You will observe this cuatro player using the technique described above.  Two strums down, one frenado up. As we’re not worrying about the chords used, we will practice the Galerón on the right hand with no chords at all.

Take the time to practice this rhythm with your cuatro and when you feel you’re ready you can complete this lesson to move to the third and last Joropo movement.

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