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D Minor: 1st Position

Using the middle, ring and pinky, we can mark the D Minor chord. Some fretboards are smaller than others on the Cuatro depending on who

Joropo Corrio: Rhythm 3×4

The rhythm that is explained in this lesson is a Joropo following a rhythm of 3×4. This rhythm consists of 6 strums within the measure itself.

Learn to play Joropo Central

The rhythm of Joropos Central is played in the following way: Joropo Central Each measure consists of 6 strums with the right hand on the Venezuelan

Gabán Progression

Learn what is the progression of a Gaban, a venezuelan Joropo played with the venzuelan cuatro

Golpe Tocuyano

Learn how to play the rhythm Golpe Tocuyano with the Venezuelan Cuatro.

Chord Progression for a Polo Margariteño

The Polo Margariteño is a genre originating from the island of Margarita. Its musical form is rather simply and provides the option of experimenting, improvisation and variety with the Venezuelan Cuatro. Learn how to play these chords of this popular Venezuelan rhythm.