Advanced Periquera Chords

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So here we go….this will be a bit of an extensive project. Whenever trying to play any piece, we have to not only memorize the chords, keep in mind the rhythm, but also have had enough practice to develop the ability to change the positions of our fingers along the fretbaord. This is a very complicated step and requires a lot of practice as a slight hiccup means that it will not sound good. Be certain that you have reviewed the previous lessons thoroughly in order to keep up and understand the nature of the progression played.

They rhythm is also just as important. Without the rhythm, this will most likely not sound good. So keep in mind the rhythm of Joropo whenever you are attempting advanced pieces. The accents being played, silences and frenados….all very, very important.

So, without any further ado, check out the explanation video provided by Adrian Toro where he demonstrations and indicates how to play the Periquera.

Advanced Periquera Explanation

Notice how he is changing between the different positions all in the D Major Key? It is for this reason why it is fundamental for all students to ensure that they study carefully all of the positions of this progression.

NOTE: This is a highly important step and very complex to execute. It can take time prior to being able to master this, so be patient with it and practice as much as you can for the best results. It it takes years to get up to the level of advanced Soloist Cuatro players, and by mastering u0026amp; understanding this you would have made a very important step towards becoming an advanced Cuatro player.


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