Soca Parang

`The Soca Parang is a more modern rhythm that combines the 4/4 measures of soca with the Parang flavor and progressions. The Soca Parang is the only Parang rhythm where we will not do 6 strums per measure.  We will only do 4 strums per measure as shown in the following diagram:

4 arrows

Nevertheless, the Soca Parang rhythm requires a few silences that will enrich the rhythm that we play on the cuatro.  For this reason, we will need to count in eights instead:


Your right hand will move smoothly and the movement will be always oscillatory.  The only thing you will do differently is to include silences the way this diagram shows:

Soca Parang

So our full Soca Parang movement would be this way:

Soca Parang

As you can see, we will be playing a total of 16 strums where our right hand will do:

  1. Strum down
  2. Strum up
  3. Silence
  4. Strum up
  5. Silence
  6. Strum up
  7. Strum down
  8. Silence
  9. Strum down
  10. Strum up
  11. Strum down
  12. Strum up
  13. Strum down
  14. Strum up
  15. Strum down
  16. Strum up

Be sure to do each one of these 16 strums, very slowly at first and then progressively increasing the speed.

How to apply it with Chords

We will play a simple example where you will only use three chords.   These chords are G, A7, and D.  The progression we will be using to play this example is as follows:

G D A7 D

How does it sound

Now as an example we will listen to a catchy song that uses this Soca Parang rhythm. “Sweet Man” by Baron:

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