2nd Test: Parang Progressions

Course: Learn to Play Parang with the cuatro

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Now it is your turn!

To complete the second part of the course you will be required to upload an audio showing how you play the different Parang progressions.

We want to see how you handle repeating the three basic progressions in any key you like.  We also want to detect if you catch the trick behind doing a two-five-one.  


Please upload an audio file or multiple files showing:

  • I – V – IV in any major key
  • I – V – IV – V in any major key
  • IV – I – V – I in major or minor key
  • II – V – I in any key you like

After you send the file we will take the time to analyze and come back to you with some suggestions or confirming that the progressions are correctly done.

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