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The main challenge of online learning is the amount of responsibility placed on students and the distance between them and their instructors. The amount of detachment that there is between an instructor and students is something that has been known to cause a reduction in motivation to proceed with learning. Online learning remains new to many students and instructors alike, but with technological advancements and web tools at our fingertips, we are now able to minimize the gap between online students and instructors considerably.
It is relevant to understand how autonomous students need to be in the online learning paradigm, but it is also our responsibility to ensure that the organization is innovative enough to address specific needs and overcome challenges. By doing so, there is a shared responsibility between the organization and the student. Through the innovation, TuCuatro was able to address a key element in learning, feedback.
Prior to the recently established feedback and assessment system, learners were only provided with the opportunity to submit audio files and text as assignments. Instructors were also limited to text as a medium to provide feedback. In an industry where visual interpretations are highly significant for both the instructor and the student, TuCuatro has devised a method using integrated cloud technologies to allow for a more personalized, content-rich, and effective method of submitting assignments and providing feedback.
Students are now able to submit video assignments and receive video feedback in a robust and effective way. This allows for the instructors to approach their assignments with a personal touch, which they now too can do through video and audio right from their mobile devices.
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