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The delivery of the module gave me a sense of what being an online student is like.

The choice in the delivery of the module with the learning management system was easy to follow and flexible to my student needs.

The standard of the materials and resources used for content delivery in this course were innovative and of high quality.

The media materials utilized in the module were easy to use and reinforced my understanding of the concepts presented.

The module content was comprehensive and followed an organized structure.

The content was applicable to me as an online musical instrument instructor.

The instructional module increased my knowledge of TuCuatro’s feedback and assessment system.

The end of module application assignment successfully provided me with firsthand experience at creating constructive instructional feedback material.

I was able to complete the instructional module within the indicated timeframe provided for the module completion.

The course administrator was helpful and supportive when assistance was sought.

I was satisfied with the quality of this instructional module as a whole.

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