Materiales requeridos

Providing instruction online is also about the materials that we have. It is necessary that the instructors are just as prepared as the students in order to fulfill the various tasks at hand. The expectation is that the students and the instructors have similar technologies and materials. The materials required in order to participate effectively are as follows:
Digital Camera – As we previously stated, it is not necessary to have a digital camera per se, but what is required is a method to record quality videos and sound. This can come in the form of a smartphone, digital camera, digital camcorder, or a webcam. The key is to have a resolution that allows for the learner to distinguish the positioning of the fingers along the instrument in conjunction with a clear quality in sound. High definition resolution is not a requirement, but there is a preference for a VGA 640×480 (4:3) at a minimum.
Audio Recorder – Just as with the digital camera, it is not a full requirement to have a separate audio recorder. Smartphones or a simple voice recorder software on the computer would suffice. The quality of the voice in recording often comes more relating to the surrounding sounds or noise interfering with the recording rather than the state of the equipment.
Computer – For the online learning paradigm, a computer is the most appropriate piece of equipment to conduct it with. Not all functionalities of online learning are mobile friendly and therefore, the computer still supersedes mobile devices in terms of effective provisioning of online learning.
Internet – An internet connection is critical for connecting with students all around the globe. As you may have noticed, even taking this module is not possible without an internet connection. Uploading videos, audio, or text in the form of student assignment feedback is not possible without this very important element.
DropBox – The web-based software TuCuatro utilizes for the storage of student progress portfolios and its content is DropBox. This is a free web-based storage platform and it allows for instructors to upload assignment feedback into their corresponding student folders. DropBox also has a mobile device which can facilitate uploading videos and audio files directly from a smartphone.
A Musical Instrument – Providing feedback means that you can demonstrate and reflect along with your learner. Just as they provide the assignments by using an instrument, the instructors are required to provide feedback with the musical instrument as well.

With our procedures and materials established, we can now proceed with a full demonstration of the feedback and assessment procedure.
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