Genre: Rock & Roll Songs Lyrics and Chords

Alee Unity

Back In Black

[Intro] | E D | A/C# | x4 [Verse] E Back in black D I hit the sack A/C# I’ve been too long I’m glad

Alan Merrill

I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll

E E A B E E A B E E E I saw him dancing there by the record machine B I knew he must

Melvin Anderson

I Wonder Why

A# D# F7 A# D# F7 A# D# F7 Don’t know why I love you, don’t know why I care A# D# F7 I just

James E. Myers
Adrian Toro

Rock Around The Clock

C One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock, rock C Five, six, seven o’clock, | eight o’clock, rock Nine, ten, eleven o’clock, | twelve o’clock, rock


The Twist

E E Come on baby Let’s do the twist A Come on baby Let’s do the twist B7 A Take me by my little hand