Genre: Pop Rock Songs Lyrics and Chords

Nina Persson


Am Am7 Dm7 Dear, I fear we’re facing a problem G7 Cmaj7 You love me no longer, I know, and C Dm7 maybe there is


Real Friends

Cm Fm Bb Eb Cm Fm No, I think I’ll stay in tonight, Bb Eb Skip the conversations and the oh, I’m fines, Cm Fm

Tyler Joseph
Adrian Toro

House of Gold

C F She asked me, Son, when I grow old Am G Will you buy me a house of gold? C F And when your

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Beautiful War

Intro: A A Bite your tongue Don’t make a scene, dear D Everybody’s been here least once before A We’ve been here more A Your

Kings Of Leon
Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Use Somebody

(intro) C Em F (2x) Am C F (2x) C I’ve been roaming around C/E F Always looking down at all I see C C/E

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Do you wanna

(Am Dm F G Am Dm F G) Am An i was hopin F Dm That you had an atlas in your head Am So

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


Intro 4x: D# A#m Fm D# A#m Fm Lights go out and I can’t be saved, tides that I tried to swim against D# A#m

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

It´s time

[Verse] D So this is what you meant when you said that you were spent? A Bm And now it’s time to build from the

Alexander Grant
Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


Imagine Dragons – [Verse] Bm D A I’m waking up to ash and dust E Bm I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Maybe Tomorrow

[Intro] D# Cm Gm F x2 [Verse] D# I’ve been down and I’m wondering why Cm These little black clouds keep walking around Gm F

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


[Intro] E E G#m E G#m [Verse 1] E B I’m sorry, mother… I’m sorry, I let you down G#m Well, these days I’m fine

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


[Intro] E C#m A E x2 [Verse] E C#m Thinking ’bout thinking of you A So much I think it’s June. E Yeah, think it

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Never say Never

(intro) ( Ab Eb ) Ab Eb Fm Some things we don’t talk about, C# Ab Eb Rather do without and just hold the smi-le

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

One Headlight

[Verse] G D So long ago, I don’t remember when F# Bm That’s when they say I lost my only friend G D Well they

Isaac Slade
Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

You Found Me

E F# G#m F# B E I found God on the corner of first and amistad E F# G#m F# B E Where the west

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


C#m In the night I hear them talk B9 The coldest story ever told A Somewhere far along this road G# He lost his soul

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Over My Head

C# I never knew Fm D# C# I never knew that everything was falling through Fm D# C# That everyone I knew was waiting on

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


Intro: Eb, Cm, Bb9, Ab Eb Cm Hope dangles on a string Bb9 Like slow spinning redemption Ab Winding in and winding out Eb The

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


(intro) Eb, Ab, Cm, Ab {x2} Eb Bb Cm We watched the season pull up its own stakes Ab And catch the last weekend of

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Belle Of Boulevard

E E7+ down in a local bar, out on the boulevard. C#m B9 the sound of an old guitar is saving you from sinking. A9

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Don´t Wait

Intro: D# D x2 D# Cm Ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh G# D# Ooooh ooooh oó oh D# The sky glows Cm I see it shining

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Hands down

Verso 1: D# Cm G# Breathe in for luck, Breathe in so deep A# C#5 This air is blessed, You share with me D# Cm

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Set Fire To The Rain

Am C I let it fall, my heart G Dm And as it fell, you rose to claim it Am C It was dark and

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


D# A# Gm F All the life she has seen, All the meaner side of me D# A# They took away from the prophet’s dream