Joropo Progressions (Genre Specific)

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There Are Genres……& Sub-Genres

A genre can be described as a category for arts such as music or literature. This means that reggae can be considered a genre, flamenco, rock and joropo. Within a genre, there are also sub-genres which are slight variations of the main category. For example, we can have jazz and bluegrass jazz….both within the same category, but slight variations of one another.

Progressions of Joropo

In this course we will explore some of the most common sub-genres of joropo. These sub-genres follow differences in progressions and sometimes in style of play. It is always important to be able to recognize or distinguish between sub-genres and become familiar with the concept for when you move forward as musicians. We will also be able to see how previously learned notes and chords can be applied to playing this music. Along with this, we will also review some new notes and their chord families as we have done in previous courses.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Dominant the Pajarillo progression with Joropo Llanero
  • Master the elements of C Major
  • Distinguish between different Joropo progressions
  • Play the family of chords relating to A Minor

Genre Specific Progressions (Joropo)

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  • Time: 6 weeks
  • Level: Basic
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Course Materials

Progressions and variations of Joropo with detailed video explanation and exercises. Assignments reviewed.


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