Song: Pajarillo (Basic Accompaniment)

Course: The Joropo, a musical genre from the South American Plains

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We have seen the chords to this song on another occasion, and it is the most basic way in which you can play the song Pajarillo. The chords are as follows:

G Minor
C Minor

To provide a demonstration of how this sounds with other musical instruments, herewith a symphony playing a Joropo Pajarillo. Here many traditional instruments are sharing the immense possibilities of the genre with classical music instruments. Try to identify the pace and the rhythm of this genre:

Pajarillo – Joropo de Aires de Venezuela, Orquesta Sinf. Reg. Juv. Edo Vargas, Dir. D. Lombardi

By dominating this genre and being able to play Pajarillo, you have come even closer to the realm of the folklore and the possibilities offered by the Cuatro. Dominating is not only knowing the chords and being able to execute the rhythm, but this also means maintaining the tempo which has been referred to earlier. Highly important! This is essentially the difference between music and noise….the rhythm.


Let’s now put in practice your learning outcomes and get to record a pajarillo.  Could be just a pair of measures, just to demonstrate that you’re able to put these chords together. Record your video and upload it to your progression folder and show how your pajarillo sounds like.

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