Progressions & Variations of Joropo

Course: The Joropo, a musical genre from the South American Plains



Into the World of Progressions of Joropo

So we have given some tools and some introductions to the genre of Joropo…..now let’s get our hands dirty in the variations!

In this last lesson we will be looking at some nice sounding sub-genres.  You will be able to complete the course after demonstrate that you can play all these sub-genres.

Remember that the sub-genres are based on the same rhythm pattern that we analyzed before. Joropo Corrio is used for some sub-genres and Joropo Central for some others.

  • We will start with a genre called Chipola because is relatively easy to play and only uses three chords.
  • Later we’ll see a Periquera, where we are forced to use the whole chord family of a give key.
  • At the end of this lesson we will see two more sub-genres:  San Rafael and Zumba que Zumba.  These are a little bit more complicated and will take you some time.  Be sure you dedicate enough time to learn these to perfection.
  • After having completed this lesson you will be able to distinguish between them and play them with ease!

Try the genres in Other Keys

Keep in mind that within the lesson topics themselves, you are not confined to use the chords suggested. We provide the progression of chords in these sub-genres so that you can apply any key to them.

Take a good look at the sub-genres and try to play them in different keys. This will enhance your felxibility and ability in terms of a Cuatrista. So, next time you are playing in a group you can simply say, “Epa! Let’s play a San Rafael in A Minor”, without any problem!

Be prepared to record the sound of your cuatro for each of these sub-genres. A teacher will evaluate your progress and give you updates.
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