Zumba Que Zumba Progression

Course: The Joropo, a musical genre from the South American Plains

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The Zumba que Zumba progression is another subgenre of the famous Joropo. As you can tell the Joropo has many subgenres and the one is just as interesting as the next. Within this lesson, you will review the basic progression of a Zumba que Zumba followed by a demonstration. In another lesson, we will breakdown the Zumba que Zumba slightly more and you will be able to refine how you play this genre.

Being a subgenre of Joropo, the Zumba que Zumba will follow the Joropo Llanero rhythm and can be played between 120 u0026amp; 140 if you wish to quantify this on a metronome. As always we recommend for this to be played slowly at first and then you can start to speed things up a bit. If you need to freshen up on the rhythm of Joropo Llanero, click on the rhythms tab found above. The progression of the Zumba que Zumba can be viewed in roman numerals below:

Zumba Que Zumba Progression

Zumba que Zumba

Kind of a long progression, but as you can see there is quite a bit of repetition. The Zumba que Zumba is played with minor chords and you can take a look at the following video to follow the progression whilst viewing how this is played by the instructor. In the next lesson relating to Zumba Que Zumba, we will map out all of the chords for you and you can play along. Check out the video below as your introduction to the Zumba Que Zumba:

Zumba Que Zumba Progression

The chords for a Zumba que Zumba:

Dm A7 Dm Dm

Cm6 D7 Gm Gm

Gm E7 A

Gm Dm A7 Dm

As you can see there are a couple of chords which are colored red. This is a segment where the chords played are not part of the tonic but part of the dominant or fifth. Essentially what happens here is we are switching briefly to an interval using chords relating to the dominant and then later coming back following the original key.

In the event that you have specific questions relating to this please let us know. As you proceed with your findings on the Cuatro and musical theory in general, this will become more apparent.

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