Zumba Que Zumba (Elementry)

Course: The Joropo, a musical genre from the South American Plains

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Ok, so now that we know more about the theory and progression relating to the Zumba que Zumba, we can start to break it down a bit more and play the examples provided. Take a look at the following video to use as an example of the Zumba que Zumba that you will be able to play after this lesson. The key this Zumba que Zumba is played in is D Minor.

Zumba Que Zumba D Minor

Now lets have a look at the chords being played, which are the following:

Dm(x2) – A7 – Dm(x2) – D7(x2) – Gm(x3) – E7 – A – Gm – A7 – Dm

Chords Illustration

Zumba Q Zumba

The following demonstration will take you through the chords referred to above and then play the Zumba que Zumba slightly slower.

Low Tempo Demonstration Zumba Que Zumba

Providing that you follow the sequence and progression, you will be able to play this genre (just as with all of the others) in a different key. The example provided below is using the same progression but this time with C Minor. Playing progressions in different keys is the best way to familiarize yourself with other chords. We recommend to first master this genre in D minor and then you can try it out in another key as your thirst for more Cuatro knowledge grows.

NOTE: There is such a thing as half a measure, this means that the measure is split with 2 notes. If we have a measure consisting of 6 strums, this would mean that 3 of the strums would take place using 1 chord and then the remaining 3 would be played with another chord. This can be applied where necessary, and you can find out where this is done when a quick switch is made from one chord to another.

Have you mastered the progression?

Whenever you feel ready, go ahead and record your Zumba que Zumba video so you can track your progress in the future. Just save the video on your computer or upload it to Youtube. If you do so, send us the link and we will gladly review it, we might have some useful comments for you.

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