A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Joropo Music

Course: The Joropo, a musical genre from the South American Plains

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Learning and mastering the Joropo music style is both an exciting opportunity and a challenge. In this article, we’ll explore the different styles of Joropo music, highlight the key distinctions between each type, and offer insights on which variant to learn first.

The Joropo musical style has different variants and styles that are categorized under two areas; Joropo Llanero and Joropo Central. One of the main differences between these two styles is when the frenados or accents take place while executing the strums. For instance, playing Pajarillo or Seis por Derecho has a similar rhythm style with frenados taking place at corresponding spots.

Joropo Llanero Vs. Joropo Central

As you have already noticed, there are different kinds of Joropo, one of which can be tied directly with the wetlands of the northern parts of South America. All of these joropos can be divided in two areas: Joropo Llanero and Joropo Central.

Joropo Llanero is one of the easier rhythms to play for beginners as it resembles a waltz format, and you count 1,2,3 before starting each measure with a downward strum. On the other hand, Joropo Central requires a bit more mastery to execute correctly. It has its roots in Venezuela and requires changing between three different rhythms while playing – Merengue Lento, Pasaje, and Golpe.

An example of a Seis Por Derecho Joropo played on guitar by master Alirio Diaz

Mastering Joropo Music. Which Joropo to learn first

It’s best for beginners to start learning how to play the “Joropo Llanero” first before attempting other variations due to its simpler structure. It teaches you about strums, counting measures, understanding rhythm changes according to specific locations within those measures.

Then move on to learning how to play “Joropo Central,” which requires changing between various rhythms while playing. This technique is more complex than “Joropa Llanero,” but practicing it improves your skills immensely by training you on changing rhythms without losing timing.

In conclusion, after reading this guide about the different styles of Joropo music, we hope that you have a deeper appreciation and love for this rare folk genre from South America. We encourage you to practice and learn these rhythms for a more enriching musical experience.

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