Chords Used in Joropo

Course: The Joropo, a musical genre from the South American Plains



It is of an understanding that we can use any chord in any key to play the Joropo.  Nevertheless, in this lesson we will teach you everything you need to know to be able to play Joropo using two specific chords and their families:  C Major and A minor.

We will see how to do the notes, chord families and typical progressions with these two, so you can later play the same note, chord families and progressions with other keys.

C major

C Major can also be known as Do…..in a famous song where all music notes are given names to remember them, the saying for C is Do, a deer a female deer. Quite clever, but also useful. Internationally, Do is widely used especially in Latin America. The C Major is a note which has been used by some of the greats to make their master pieces such as Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin and Let it Be by the legendary Beatles.

With the chord of C Major, we will begin to see some useful mechanics. First of all, we will make use of a bar on the first fret as well as some additional fingers to mark the remainder of the chords. This helps with flexibility and its very important to practice the family of C Major in order to practice from switching in between the bar and non bar chords.

A minor (Am)

A minor is the relative of C major.  This chord will be used to play some songs as we will see, but remember for now that whenever we are playing in C major, the relative A minor and the whole A minor family could be present if needed for a specific progression.


Learning Outcomes

  • Play the Major and minor Cord
  • Master the Scale for Major and minor
  • Play the progression of I – IV – V for Major and minor
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