San Rafael Progression

In this opportunity we will review another sub-genre of Joropo being they mystical San Rafael. The progression of chords used and mysterious ring makes this a very popular genre and one which is great to play with the Cuatro.

Not too many complications with this progression and a little later we will be reviewing how to play this combining it with a nice melody. For now lets start with this version of a San Rafael which will be played in an Em key. Here is how the progression goes:

San Rafael Progression

Im – V7 – Im – Im – V7 – V7 – Im – Im – II7 – II7
IV – V – I7 – II7 – V – V – Im – V7 – Im – Im

The very same can be viewed within the video provided below and you will be able to follow the chords as professor Toro plays along.

San Rafael Progression With Chords

Being another sub genre of Joropo, we will make use of the Joropo rhythm when playing a San Rafael.

San Rafael Demonstration

Like it? Great! We’ll continue to give demonstrations of this genre and as mentioned before, a later lesson will demonstrate how to play the San Rafael with plucking individual strings and give a completely different view on this genre.

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