Play Gaita with the Cuatro – Gaita Celebrations

A brief basic introduction to Gaita and how to play it with Cuatro. This course will guide you through getting to know the Gaita genre and how is played in the Cuatro. No assignments required.

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One of the most known uses for the Cuatro is relating to the festivities of Gaita. Although this is a genre that is played within the western regions of Venezuelan and the northeast of Colombia, gaita happens to make a huge explosion during the holiday season from November until January. This wave of fever tends to take over the countries and is adopted in the Caribbean for the festivities. There are many particularities of the incredible genre and some complications which it may pose to the Cuatro student.

A Peculiar Double Frenado

If we take a look later on at how Gaita is played, the rhythm can include a specific double frenado. This is where the last strum of a bar finishes with a frenado accent and the first strum of the next bar also starts off with a frenado. It is for this reason why the Gaita is considered to be a more intermediate genre as it includes these peculiarities. Once this is mastered though, it is a wonderful rhythm to play and in this section, we will focus on how to play it as well as a number of songs relating to Gaita. This way, you will be able to play along and join the festivities all with your Cuatro.

Play Gaita with Cuatro Objectives:

  • Master Gaita’s double frenado
  • Differentiate between Gaita Tambora and Danza Zuliana
  • Apply your skills to playing Gaita Songs