Repique Double Frenado

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Adrian Toro

On previous occasions, we have seen both ascending and descending frenados. We have also demonstrated how to alternate between the two using different genres. One of the most unnatural combinations of strums is the double frenado. This is because we are used to having one frenado or an accent followed by a regular strum. In this case, we execute a frenado and follow it immediately with another frenado. This is pretty complicated at first because of how unnatural it is, but this is one of the fundamental skills necessary to play a genre such as the Gaita. Take a look at how you can execute the double frenado:

Double Frenado

So the next question is, when to use it? This is something which can be practiced by using the G Minor chord and combining it with the D7 chord using the following rhythm:

Gaita Rhythm


Notice that the first and the last strums are frenados (marked by the arrow with a dot at the end). This means that once you end the bar or the progression of strums you have to immediately start once again with a frenado. How to do this? Practice, practice, and practice! Make sure you do this slowly to start and then it will become second nature as you progress.

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