Danza Zuliana

Although regularly confused to be the genre of Gaita, Danza Zuliana has its own particularities. If you notice in the demonstration played by Luis Natera, there is a distinct silence between the second and fourth strum. Pay close attention to the demonstration as the silence sounds providing a great effect on this genre.

Danza Zuliana Demonstration

Danza Zuliana

This is a rather complicated genre to play and it requires a significant dominance of the silences and the frenado strumming. Keeping the rhythm is the most important aspect whenever playing a new genre. It is very important to practice one genre or rhythm at a time, as it is very easy to get confused. So try to concentrate on one genre at a time to ensure the best results. Once this is done, then you can start to add some chords to the mix.

So we have seen a number of Gaita interpretations and subgenres to this traditional theme. Choose your preferred version based on what you have learned and practice incessantly. Be sure to review the chords and strumming patterns prior to doing so and make sure you practice for a few days.

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