Maracaibo 15 Cancionero

Course: Play Gaita with the Cuatro – Gaita Celebrations

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Adrian Toro

There are several known and famous groups which are constantly heard throughout the festivities playing Gaita. Maracaibo 15 is a one of them and have an immense quantity of songs which have been evolving into becoming tradition. The festivities cannot go on without them! Founded in 1974 by singer Betulio Medina, this group will echo across the country during the holiday season.

Why 15

Answer….very simple the group is made of 15 individuals. The instruments played in groups such as Maracaibo 15 are a combination of the drums or tambores, cuatro, charrasca (percussive instrument) and maracas. The great thing about the Cuatro is that you can play this genre completely on your own! The frenados serve as the percussive effects experienced and substitute the maracas or the charrasca….think about this next time you begin to execute a frenado.

Let’s continue learning how to play three of their most famous songs!

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