La Primavera – Maracaibo 15

Course: Play Gaita with the Cuatro – Gaita Celebrations

Picture of Adrian Toro

Adrian Toro

A very interesting song to study, specifically the version being played by professor Toro. We start off with the chords E7 and A Major for the introduction followed by adding in the D Major chord. Essentially the repetition takes place within the E7 and A chord giving it a wonderful swing to the song.

The main variation made use of to give it the swing is by adding the F# note to the E7 chord. This is done by playing the 4th fret of the D string with the ring finger. The chords played are as follows:


A Major

D Major

A typical progression with these chords would be like the following:

A D E7

The second part of the song makes use of the C Major chord and then slides it into the second position of D Major. We then climb up into the first positions of the chords again by playing a single bar on the third fret, followed by a bar on the second fret where it is then possible to carry on with the E7 chord by adding the middle finger to the third fret of the B string and continue to jam the song in the same progression.

C Major

D Major 2nd Position

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