La Moza – Maracaibo 15

Course: Play Gaita with the Cuatro – Gaita Celebrations

Adrian Toro

Adrian Toro

A gorgeous song with a great feel, this Gaita can be played over and over again with joy and happiness. The chords played are as follows along with the rhythm of Gaita:

F Major


C Major

Within the video demonstration, different variations in the second positions of these chords are played. There is also an illusive chord which brings a great ring to Gaita being a C7M in which the song is finalized in.

Some of the positions used in this video are:

Final Chord:

This is a fantastic song to play and wonderful to share with your friends. Share your progress and version of this song by recording your video and uploading it to youtube! You can tag #TuCuatro to let us know.

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