La Negra de Tamunangue – Maracaibo 15

Course: Play Gaita with the Cuatro – Gaita Celebrations

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Adrian Toro

A beautiful song heard in social places all over for the December festivities. This song is played in D Major and within this example, different positions of the progression of I – IV – V are used. The main chords played are as follows and the rhythm is the rhythm of Gaita:

G Major




D Major

Some of the variations seen remain the key chords being played in this song. The variations can include the omission of some notes to give the chord a different feel. In some occasions the 7th of the chord is also used, for example G Major can be substituted by G7, which coincidentally is the same figure shown for the 2nd position of A7.


An example of a chord with an omitted finger position, is A7 in it’s second position leaving the A string open. This chord is as follows:

As you move forward, you will discover more of such chords and within a song which can be repetitive using merely three chords such as this one, it is good to include some variety through introducing chords in second and in some cases even third positions where you feel comfortable doing so. Keep in mind that it is necessary always to maintain the rhythm the song is played in as is done in the demonstration video.

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