Gaita De Tambora

Course: Play Gaita with the Cuatro – Gaita Celebrations

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Adrian Toro

There is a clear difference between the typical rhythm of Gaita and the Gaita Tambora. Although they share similar names, you will notice that there are differences. The regular rhythm of Gaita incorporates the frenados and is rather heavy with respect to the technique being used. If we compare this to the Gaita Tambora, we will need to be mindful of the rhythmic side being the pauses being made use of within the rhythm itself. This will become more evident within the explanation video below dictated by professor Toro (Subtitles in English ON).

The strumming pattern applicable to the Gaita Tambora is as follows:

Down – Up – Pause – Up – Pause – Up – Down

The chords being used in the video demonstration are similar to those we have made use of in a previous occasion and they are as follows so that you can practice this rhythm and have it sound as clearly as it does in the video.

Acordes Gaita Tambora

Follow the chords and follow the rhythm. You will be playing this in no time. Also, you can start to do some additional self-study. This can be done by reviewing the pattern of the chords being played. Try to then play those same chords in different keys and even in different positions. This is a very important step as you start to explore all possibilities with the Cuatro and intensify the music you play.

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